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Choosing a Ottawa Wedding Florist

Flowers will add colour, elegance, and fragrance to your wedding. From your bridal bouquet to the arrangements at the reception, you want the flowers to be fresh and beautiful...
Wedding Checklist
How to Choose
Questions to Ask

A - Have a basic idea of what you would like by looking at photos and magazines, but keep your mind open for suggestions from your florist. They will know what flowers will match your colour scheme, stay fresh the longest, and may even be in season and available locally on your wedding day.

B - Form a first impression through recommendations, the web, a phone call, and visiting the shop. You may also wish to check with the Better Business Bureau before proceeding. Check the availability.

C - Check out about 3 florists to find the one that best suits you. Arrange a consultation to find out who will work on your wedding, if you like their style, and if the person appears knowledgeable and interested. Ask to see albums of previous work. Note how fresh the flowers on display are. If you are interested, also discuss the cake topper and the possibility of preserving some of the flowers after the wedding.

D - Check the references. Ask about things such as punctuality, plus the freshness and appeal of the final product. Ask what they liked, if there were any problems, and if they would recommend this florist.

E - Sign the contract. Make sure it includes the locations, the arrival time, hours of service, all the details of what is included (an itemized list, including type/colours of flowers) or perhaps cost extra (delivery, set-up, vases/stands...). Any legal considerations such the cancellation policy should also be in writing. Make sure the details of the deposit are clear, as well as how much is owing, and when it's due.

Given the season and colour scheme of our wedding, what flowers would you suggest? Are they in season? Are they locally available? Could you make my ideas work? How does our choice affect pricing?

Given the level of formality/informality of our wedding, what style would match?

Do you have albums of past work that we can see? Can we see a sample of a centerpiece?

Who will be working on our wedding? Who is in charge? How many other weddings will that person be working on that day/weekend? What if that person is sick?

What is the cost? Will you provide an itemized list or a package price? What does it include? Are there any additional costs?

Do you deliver to our locations? Do you set-up? Does that cost extra? How long does set-up take? If it is pick-up, when would that be possible?

Cancellation Policy
What is your cancellation policy?

Do your have references we could talk to?
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