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Music Maestro DJ Service
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Its your Wedding Day... and you want everything to be perfect, as it should be. From the first notes played as the Bride walks down the isle, to the final notes of your last dance, music plays an integral part of the entire day and Music Maestro DJ Service will make sure its perfect. We will work closely with you to ensure your reception goes exactly as planned. We will provide you with a 'Wedding Planner' and a special 'Emcee Duties' sheet, which will help to ensure a smooth flow of events. Not only will we play the best possible dance music, but we will also handle all the formalities with professionalism and style. We will work closely together with your Emcee and other Wedding Professionals at your reception, such as caterers, photographers, etc., to ensure that the entire evening flows seamlessly together for the enjoyment of all in attendance.
—Music Maestro DJ Service


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